33C3: Day Four

By The Literate Programmer, Sat 31 December 2016, in category Nerdery

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First Array

This time, I sleep for quite long, but my first talk only starts very late, so there's no problem. First, I go to a workshop on pixel art, which I hope I'll be able to use to create nicer favicons and perhaps even a logo for my blog in general.

Then, I use the time I still have until my translation to have another extended talk with a podcasting godfather1, who helps me figure out next steps and what it will take to produce a reasonably high-quality podcast.
Success is an entirely separate thing, of course!

The talk I get to translate is a talk on the surveillance of DE-CIX by the BND. The DE-CIX is the largest internet exchange in the world, the place where more carriers bring together more bandwidth than anywhere else.

Of course that is a target for surveillance and they don't even deny that some of that is perfectly reasonable. But the BND has been breaking laws and interpreting the law in bizarre ways2 and is quite possibly forcing them to break the law too, and that's what they're fighting. Which is a reasonable stance for a commercial entity.

Unfortunately the talk overlaps with the meeting time for the translation team, which no-one noticed before, as we're all getting a bit tired and sloppy...

For me, this is a bit sad, as I won't get to translate the closing ceremony as I hoped to do. It would've been an awesome bookend - translating the opening and the closing and seeing how I got better at it.

Final Array

So, I hang out with part of the translation team instead, waiting until the second-to-last talk to get into Hall 1 for a seat during the closing ceremony.

Seeing the opening video from inside the audience does compensate me for not getting to translate. It's awesome. So is the rest of the closing ceremony - including some of the stats, in particular.

To make congress work, 2500 Angels worked thousands of shifts, with over 200 Angels active at any one time, including over night! In total, just for those four days, 13.7 person-years of work got done - and then there was all the preparation before that!

It was still a sad event, particularly because the Congress Center Hamburg will be renovated and is not going to be the next venue. Right now, no one knows where the 34C3 will happen, and there is some risk that there might not be one if a proper venue can't be found.

We all assumed there would be another one and promised each other to meet again next year anyway.

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While I'm not on Twitter and won't look at feedback under #c3t or mails to hello@c3lingo.org, I still welcome any feedback here, in the comment section or to me in person.

Thank you for your attention, and until next year's Chaos Communication Congress!

  1. PodcastpatInnen - part of the Sendezentrum/Broadcasting Station, an awesome section focused on radio and podcasting. 

  2. F.ex: Since a lot of these networks come from abroad, and so does a lot of the traffic, it's all "virtually" a foreign country, thus allowing the foreign intelligence service to operate.