33C3: Day Three

By The Literate Programmer, Fri 30 December 2016, in category Nerdery

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This time, I don't do many translation sessions or other sessions. I get up late, finish the previous blog post and get to Congress for the one talk I translate in the morning.

This talk is Smart Cities, Smart Energy and Dumb Security by Netanel Rubin, which is well presented and interesting and I think that it's my best translation yet.

Then I go and spend a lot of time finishing up the little project I'd mentioned previously - I'll document it later ;)

There is one more session I try to get into, but unfortunately the room is completely full and so I don't get to listen to Design in Free and Open Source Software. That's a bummer - so instead I take the chance and hang out more with someone I met at the Congress. It's a cool discussion and really highlights what Congress is about, at least as far as I can tell.

Meeting new people and exchanging ideas, dealing with tech and the hacker culture in relation to the surrounding society. Which makes it doubly cool to see an American come over from the US to see how our hacker culture and society differs from the one in the US. Of course, she's doing a PhD on this, so it's not like she just randomly decided that she wants to see CCC - but I actually think that's even more important, because there's much more going on at CCC than just the talks. Documenting that would be extremely valuable, I think.

During the evening translation angel meeting I get my official angel shirt, which is extremely pretty this year. I also pick up another shift with some friends, translating Methodisch Inkorrekt!1, a science-ish podcast with lots of fun experiments. It's also late at night, from midnight onwards, but hey, who needs sleep?

For dinner, I go out with a bunch of my friends, to meet with two friends we haven't seen in a long time, who are nearby, but couldn't come to the Congress proper. We eat at a Pakistani restaurant and it is sooo tasty. Plus, long-time-no-see friends! Hooray! It also got quite funny when the waiter asked us whether we were all speaking English - while we actually spoke Swiss-German.

  1. Methodically Wrong!, meaning both that they're being systematically wrong and using bad methods - but hey, it's fun ;)