34C3: Day Three

By The Literate Programmer, Sat 30 December 2017, in category 34c3

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I mentioned yesterday that I planned to start my day with Methodisch Inkorrekt, but instead I met a friend on the way to CCC and spent time chatting with her until I needed to get going.

That encounter and the translation both set the tone for the day. Challenging, yet amazing fun. The talks I did today were all super exhausting, but a lot of fun to do, and I really just love doing the live translations1.

Similarly, I spent a lot of time with my friends, having some very nice extended conversations and simply soaking in all the awesomeness of congress. I love doing so, as it is almost like a holiday trip to a different universe. And it helps me reach my step goals, which is nice, too.

Several of the conversations centered around the same thing, however. The allegations of sexual assault at the congress and how CCC handles these situations. I, obviously, feel perfectly safe at the congress and I would love for everyone else to do so too. I believe that a more equal representation of women and other minorities would be to the benefit of Congress and the CCC as a whole.

So seeing these very strong statements about how all of CCC is garbage and should be replaced with something new and better were... irritating, for lack of a better word. I knew that my perspective was somewhat distorted and not the perspective of someone affected by the issue, so I sought out the opinions of women at Congress. Of course, it's a limited sample and possibly biased in many ways, but after these conversations I do feel like I have a broader perspective on the situation.

The reactions still seem awfully overblown, I'm less convinced about handing out bans for actions outside of CCC2 but I'm more aware3 of the problems that do exist. Bans are still a useful tool, but they are also a strong tool, one that should be used with care. Most likely the only way to truly improve things is a grass-roots change in approach and views, but that's slow4 and there will still be issues until that change is through.

I hope that CCC will get that time and not be torn down with no replacement by people who, for entirely understandable reasons, have decided that it's not for them (anymore).

  1. At least while the power is on in the booth and I can actually translate, that is... 

  2. Which I was previously quite convinced was a good idea. The women I spoke to valued principles higher than possibly rash actions, which caused me to shift my view. 

  3. And in some cases aware at all. 

  4. But already in progress!