34C3: Day Two

By The Literate Programmer, Fri 29 December 2017, in category 34c3

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Decoration in the CCL


Today I mostly did a number of translations, which reminded me just how much fun, but also how exhausting that is. I'm still glad to have ended up in that volunteering team.

Netzpolitik in der Schweiz was mostly frustrating. Not translating it, though it was particularly exhausting due to the speed of the presenters and the vocabulary involved, but listening to it. The Digitale Gesellschaft Schweiz feels like they should really be aligned to my interests, but they are in many ways very fundamentalist. That seems like a huge shame, as they are concentrating on arguments and issues that they won't get through to the average voter, leaving internet politics in Switzerland almost entirely to the traditional parties, who do not exactly demonstrate high competence on technical issues.

The Noise Protocol Framework was something I hadn't looked into a lot, so translating that talk was very interesting, as well. However, it was highly technical and really fast, so that used up even more energy.


I also went to a presentation on how to build your own hacklab. I missed the beginning, as they started at least five minutes early, but it wasn't too bad. It was mostly an info and link dump, which is useful, but not as hands-on as I'd hoped.

I also had several great and long conversations with friends, which ate up almost all of the rest of my day. I tried to get into a conversation at the Häcksen1 Happy Hour with women who are at the Congress, on the topic of how welcoming Congress is to women. 2 However, it was tiny event, with people who mostly seemed to already know each other and I didn't manage to open a conversation.


In the end, I ended my day earlier than planned. I was supposed to translate the Hacker Jeopardy game into Swiss German, something that has always been a lot of fun. With the schedule moved back by over an hour and the increased density of talks with only a single break, I simply was too tired to do it. I helped out for the first twenty minutes, until I was relieved and then went home.

After all, I would begin day 3 by translating another long, fun talk, the live podcast "Methodisch Inkorrekt!" and I would need my energy.

  1. Hexen are witches, and the word is pronounced similarly to Hackers, so a natural name for a group of female hackers. 

  2. There is something of a mini-shitstorm going on over an apparently badly handled request by a victim of sexual abuse and a few quite extreme reactions have been posted about just how utterly terrible CCC is. Obviously, I don't quite feel that way, and from the few women I know at CCC I don't hear too much agreement with those statements either, so I wanted to talk to more women to get a broader perspective.