34C3: Day Zero

By The Literate Programmer, Wed 27 December 2017, in category 34c3

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The rocket in the foyer of Messe Leipzig


As every year, the Chaos Computer Club organises the Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg. The introduction on their event blog summarises the event better than I could, so I'll leave it to them.

However, this year's motto is "tuwat" meaning "do something" and so I won't just leave all the work to others. Once again I will contribute by translating talks, and I will try to gain as much inspiration as possible for doing things outside of Congress.

After all, the motto is not limited to Congress and I certainly intend to become more active and try to achieve more in the outside world, too. One of the best things to get that going is networking: From helpful contacts over people to learn new skills from to finding new jobs1 and simply having good, fun conversations, meeting people always has a lot to offer. This goes doubly so at the CCC, where everyone is interested in similar fields.

Apart from networking and blogging about the Congress2, I also intend to do something with blinkenlights and building something. It's an opportunity I always like to take, as it's a neat skill to have, and something I rarely get to do outside of congress. However, I also want to visit workshops where I can learn skills like building my own lab - which is something I really need3, so I'll have to carve out time for that.

This may sound like I've got my visit to Congress all planned out, but that's of course not true. Congress is chaos, and that is fun in its own right, so all my plans are mostly guidelines and we'll see how it goes.

Some plans have however materialized already. I will translate the opening ceremony and study the translation of tuwat.txt for that. Otherwise, I'm excited to see what is going to happen.

  1. Although that's possibly already in progress and not really pressing. 

  2. And of course attending and translating talks! 

  3. I have a few VMs, but not really an organised lab.