Dust Session Four

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Session Four

Dramatis Personae

The last day

After a quiet night, we make ready to follow the cats through the last unexplored door in the structure. We untie Estebán, our donkey and leave him with food in the palisade, so that he is well supplied and can get away if there's danger or no more food.

We pick up a feline escort on our way to the door, where some twenty cats are waiting, lined up like for a parade. Behind the door is another airlock, and then a huge hall, with strange orange markings on the floor. They form squares and and some lines between the squares. On two of the squares, there are weird metal wagons with black, rubbery wheels.

They even have a fifth wheel on the back, and a sixth wheel inside! The one inside is much thinner, though...

At any rate, the cats are forming up in a half-circle around the mouth of a tunnel, which seems to be the only way out of the hall. We try to form up in a sensible marching order, but before we get anywhere we spot two beoars in the tunnel, guarding the way out.

Fight for freedom

We move into position behind some concrete barriers at the mouth of the tunnel and prepare to fight the beoars. Walter is out of the fight, caught in a flashback while Alexander opens the fight by shooting a single shot at one of beoars.

He misses, though, and the fight begins in earnest. Dane readies some of the alcohol we've found, in the hope of creating something burning to ward off the beoars. Siri shoots at a beoar with her bow, which sadly doesn't seem to have a big effect.

Suddenly, everyone gets a weird feeling, like there is some higher presence. Unfortunately, it triggers a bout of migraine in Siri.

The beoars move closer, which gives us a chance to really unload with the rifles we found - despite not being very good with them. The support from the cats also helps buy us some time, which we use as best we can. Ibram gets a lucky salvo on one of the beoars and hits it six times - almost tearing it apart. Alexander kills the second one with two salvos, and then it's over.

We take care of Walter and see that roughly half the cats seem to have died - they are certainly inactive, though there is no visible damage.

The world beyond

As we move through the tunnel, suddenly two bright lights approach us. we scatter out of the way and raise our rifles. Walter's stomach, weakened and emptied from the flashback, turns permanently nervous.

The lights turn out to belong to a rather fancy car driven by a Dr. Bogarth. Ibram is immediately impressed and wants to see more of this outside world, as does Siri. Alexander, who now fully believes the story that the cats told them, gets angry about being part of an experiment against his will.

After a short discussion, we do all enter the car with the doctor and drive to the control station, a very impressive complex in a closed-off valley on the other side of the mountain.

There, we are given fresh clothes and the opportunity to shower1 and we get to eat at the mess hall buffet2. Afterwards, we are taken to a sort of council meeting, where we have to answer various questions about our adventure and our lives, before being told that we will be allowed to join the society of this world and that Dr. Bogarth will help us integrate ourselves.

The End

That's it. This was the last session of the campaign called Dust. We all enjoyed it, as far as I know and we used it to play around with recording ourselves. We'll move to producing our sessions as a podcast and release them as soon as we've figured out a good name and a way to host it.

Game-wise, we'll have 4 one-shot sessions, playing different systems, before deciding on what the next big campaign will be. I will run two of these four sessions, which will be a god prep for writing logs of sessions I run, not play in.

The games will be, in no particular order: * Only War * Legend of the Five Rings * Cthulhu Invictus * Dragon Heresy (Playtest)

I look forward to all of them!

  1. And an explanation as to what a shower is. 

  2. With another explanation attached. Not that everyone gets it fully.