Dust - Session Two - Debrief

By The Literate Programmer, Mon 14 November 2016, in category Gurps

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Session two

Well, looking back at this session, although we all had fun, not a lot happened, really. There were a lot of role-played interactions, but in terms of results and actions, there wasn't a lot to report on. We trekked back to Narok from where we ended last time, we got support for the expedition and went to the structure.

Exploring the bunker-like installation was a lot of fun, and figuring out that the doors with a big handle worked by lifting the bar, rather than pushing or anything like that, was cool. Similarly, figuring out what the lockers were and that it was actually a morgue was interesting.

Unfortunately, once we reached the structure the session was already almost over. We stretched the session for an extra hour to get to do some more stuff but we barely mapped out the "ground" level yet.

It also seems as if none of us have really the right set of skills to analyse the installation - we can't read the markings on the walls, so even we had found something we probably wouldn't have learned anything.

At the same time, apart from the voice1 there doesn't seem to be anything there, valuable or dangerous. Whoever owned it previously took their stuff with them, or at the very least most of it. I mean, obviously there will be something, but it doesn't really feel that way right now.

We did quite a bit of roleplaying, but not as much as we could have, I think. On the other hand, we would've accomplished even less if we had. I completely understand why we didn't just skip the trip, but at the same time, the trek back and forth was a bit too uneventful for my taste. Oh well. We'll play again soon, so it's no big deal anyway.


We got three CP at the end of this session, but I really don't know where to put them...

There are only a few skills that Ibram used this session, but some are already at the 4cp cost stage, and I frankly don't think investing in Hiking would be worth it, for example. There might still be a trip back to Narok, but for now it won't be particularly helpful or exciting.

All the skills I can think of as helpful, aren't realistic for my character to have or improve. Except for Naturalist, but that costs 4 CP...

I can still go for the Crossbow Finesse perk to reload faster, but it's not really a high-priority or something I've been using.

Most likely I'll just keep the CP and save up for something bigger or until it's more obvious what I should go for. Perhaps I can buy success at a crucial moment or something.

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