My GURPS Year in Review

By The Literate Programmer, Mon 26 December 2016, in category Gurps

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A look back

Well, another year has1 passed and wow. Uh. What a year.

Leaving all the non-GURPS stuff aside, it was still a big year. First, my GURPS campaign ended. We began playing four years ago and we were planning to end it this summer, as I was having problems motivating the characters and had painted myself into a bit of a corner. So I laid out some plans for a nice ending tying up some loose ends and being appropriately epic.

Of course, my players couldn't have an orderly ending and laid down their weapons before walking straight into the big bad evil guy's ceremonial hall. Woops. One world-ending sacrifice later, the campaign had ended a few sessions early. So much for that plan.

On the other hand, we all had a blast dealing with that collective brain fart, so no harm done.

The end of that campaign enabled me to play in a short campaign2 and let us try out some other games3. I'd been wanting to play and make my own character and see how that turns for quite a while, so that chance was much appreciated, although I've now realized that I prefer to be able to GM. It's not that I don't enjoy being a player, but I enjoy coming up with a lot of NPCs, enemies, allies, strange powers and so on. I also enjoy knowing and reading the rules, so I look forward to doing some more one-shots of other systems.

A look forward

These will also help the group decide on what we feel like for our next longer campaign. In our group, we try talk about what mode of play and tone we want to do, since that help ensure that we all stay invested and have fun for a long time. The one-shots will be very helpful for that as they will give us a taste of different play styles and power levels.

Currently, I'm thinking about 4 - 6 such one-shots, mostly run by myself. Mostly, because one of the players has suggested wanting to run a short game based on the SCP Foundation which I really want to play in! We all want to try out the Cryptomancer RPG4 and I want to run Only War to see if I can make it run smoothly. It's a system whose fluff I greatly enjoy and where I feel it should work well, but it is flawed, so it might not. That covers at least 3 one-shots, and I also wanna try out GURPS Discworld and something high-power, high-magic using RPM or similarly flexible systems. Perhaps also some PARANOIA** and some Dungeon Fantasy.

What will help us with realizing this is that we've fixed dates a few months in advance and will try to keep that up, ensuring we get up to 10 sessions a year. Perhaps, with more experience, I will also be able to run more stuff online. Of course that's gonna be different, but I'm hoping that I can get something going which could be like a weekly pick-up for trying stuff out. Could be very useful as a place to gather any players I can recruit through Fantasy Basel or otherwise. I know that others are running games like this already, and I hope I can learn from them.

Other GURPS things that happened

I pre-ordered GURPS Discworld because of course I did. I'm a huge fan of both and so that was a no-brainer.

I also backed the DFRPG Kickstarter, because I want to support GURPS and it seems like a product I can get some use out of.

The renaissance of GURPS seems well underway, anyway, what with many new blogs dedicated to it popping up this year. On top of that, the GURPS Discord server seems to be gaining popularity, so things are definitely looking good for the game, which does make me happy.

I haven't been able to get too much work done on the Starsystem Generator, but I do intend to return to it and improve it with additional functionality in the future.

  1. Well, almost. 

  2. See the Dust tag 

  3. GASP! But it is fun, and it will make us better roleplayers, even if we always end up returning to GURPS

  4. Which shamefully does not actually serve its page over a secure connection! Bad hackers.