Session One of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG Campaign

By The Literate Programmer, Sun 06 May 2018, in category Dungeon fantasy

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Session One - You all meet at an Inn

We started slightly delayed due to some techincal issues, but everyone was present and so after a bit more prep talk, we began. Roll20, as expected, is slightly more cumbersome to use than the table in my living room, but works well enough.

Dramatis Personae

Taglines and details will follow in later installments, I think.

The Action

They all started in the Inn's common room, scattered about the various tables. Seeing all the travellers assembled in one room, Fra Galeno takes the opportunity to preach to the room, leading to a lot of fun interactions between the characters.

While they were all busy making introductions (in small groups) and discussing the sermon, a horn sounds and zombies appear. The characters react in appropriately heroic manner, fanning out to take on the undead menace. The cleric uses his position to take a moment and look for more threats outside, noticing the approaching horde and warning everyone. In general, combat goes as expected - the zombies don't go down instantly, but are not up to the fighting skill of the delvers.

Since we started a bit late, and were constraining ourselves time-wise we didn't get through all the zombies yet. Fighting was still a tad slow, but with a group that was new to Roll20 and the DFRPG1 that was expected and we noticeably got faster during the session already.

I expect that things will be faster and ideally even more fun on Wednesday, when we will play our second session.

I think it's way too early to talk about lessons learned with respect to DFRPG, other than the templates being helpful and still more difficult than the equivalent process in D&D, for example. As for You All Meet At An Inn, it's early too, but it does provide a good story for everyone to meet and begin working together.

  1. Or even GURPS, in some cases.