Swiss-Sided Dice: A new Podcast

By The Literate Programmer, Mon 27 February 2017, in category Gurps

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Lately I've been quiet and not blogging a lot, which is almost entirely because I've been working on another project. Finally, that project is ready to be revealed!

Swiss-Sided Dice

Announcing a new project

The GURPS blogosphere is chugging along extremely well1, SJGames is putting out new content regularly, so it's pretty clear that GURPS is doing just fine. There is even a GURPS podcast going already, which uses GURPS' versatility to replay various movies and see how that turns out. The Film Reroll podcast has actually attracted quite a bit of fandom by now, which is great to see, too.

More content is never a bad thing2 however and so I am happy and terrified to announce a new podcast:
Swiss-Sided Dice!

The podcast is recordings of me and my friends playing GURPS and sometimes other RPGs. We have a lot of fun playing and we think that it will be fun for others to listen to, too. You can listen to it via its website here or via iTunes or your podcatcher of choice.

New episodes will also be announced via Twitter!

I hope you'll enjoy it!

  1. Not at all due to me! I've been slacking, as mentioned before. 

  2. Well, almost, though I think we're far from GURPS' LD50 still.