Welcome to Night Vale

By The Literate Programmer, Thu 22 February 2018, in category Book reviews

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Welcome to Night Vale

This book tells a story in the same world as the eponymous podcast, Welcome to Night Vale and much like the podcast it is strange and funny and sad and dramatic.

However, much like the podcast, it is very much a niche product. I enjoyed reading it a lot, because the jokes and funny bits work well for me, and the straight-up weird stuff is a lot of fun and great inspiration for roleplaying games. At the same time, it dwells on a lot of detail that isn't strictly relevant to the story it's telling and for someone who doesn't know the style of the podcast or doesn't enjoy it that much, that is likely to be quite a turn-off. The other thing is that there are a lot of weird things that are seemingly non-sequiturs but sometimes are a setup to some payoff down the road.

For listeners of the podcast, however, it is an entertaining book, which builds the mythology and world of Night Vale beyond the podcast and for that, I can recommend it.

I realize that this is a very short review, but it was a quick read and I don't have a lot to say about Night Vale. It is entirely its own thing, and it is good an fun as such.