Worldcon 75 Helsinki: Day Five

By The Literate Programmer, Sat 19 August 2017, in category Worldcon '17

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One last morning

The programme was thinning out towards the end of Worldcon, but I still found enough items to fill up my morning. The first one up was Systems of Magical Healing, which sounded like a very interesting talk, but turned out to focus mostly on limitations. While limitations are important, I was hoping to hear more on interesting systems and how they might work. There was a great suggestion from the audience, though. What if the animals were the healers, and in order to get healed, one had to spend time as one of these animals?

Writing Effective Fight Scenes was more enlightening, since it focused on the motivations that will get people to fight, as well as the steps they go through as they gear up for a fight. I left it early, though, as they wanted to clear out the room before the next panel and I didn't want to risk missing that.

Wild Card books and panels

I may not have read many of the Wild Cards books yet, but they are already one of my favorite series and I will eventually get through them all. Eventually. The Wild Cards 30th anniversary panel was a lot of fun to watch though. Pat Cadigan is hilarious and it was just nice to see all these people who are obviously friends reminisce. And it was funny to see Carrie Vaughn be a fangirl over getting to be on a panel with all the others.

Afterwards, it was time for one last panel: A Welcome to Night Vale fan panel. It wasn't bad, but the most interesting thing for me was to see how many people really enjoy the Weather1, which I almost always skip. The funny bit for me was realizing that I was sitting next to someone I was having a Twitter conversation with - second time at Worldcon! That was a very nice meeting, as well.

And then, the Closing Ceremony. Like the Opening Ceremony, though much shorter, it was well done and Karen Lord did a good job as toastmistress. Jukka Halme was funny on stage and all in all it was a worthy ending to Worldcon.

It wasn't entirely the end of my day yet, as I went to have dinner at Harald's in Helsinki, a Viking-themed restaurant, where I had a whole lot of very tasty food. The Runemaker's Game Sword was a great meal, from the crispy potatoes over the tasty sauces to all the different kinds of meat on the sword. The elk meat was great, although very similar to deer, while the beaver sausage was a very intense kind of sausage.

Ultimately, I had a great time in Helsinki and at Worldcon and am now seriously considering how to get to San José...

  1. The music segment in Welcome to Night Vale