Worldcon 77 Dublin: Day Zero

By The Literate Programmer, Wed 14 August 2019, in category Worldcon '19

Dublin, Ireland, Worldcon

Pre-Con Holidays

It's Worldcon time again and I had a blast reading as many of the nominated works as I could, once again. As the schedule is just as full of goodness1 as last time, I needed a pre-con holiday again. This time it wasn't as awesomely cuddly-cute, but Stockholm was amazing and filled with good food and great people.

A pride flag in Stockholm, one of hundreds all over town

Stockholm Pride parade was very colorful and provided a great many cool pictures and memories, as did our2 great and very helpful hosts, Sonia and Jessica. Aside from a wonderful flat, they provided tips for so much great food. All together, another very relaxing pre-con holiday - although the SF-Bookstore did its part to help with that3.

Me with my loot from the first visit of three to the SF bookstore

Personal Worldcon #2

Since this isn't my first Worldcon, I know this'll work for me, including finally not misspelling it on the blog. However, last time I didn't get around to meeting a lot of people, focusing on all of the programming. This time, I'll try to meet more people and care a little less about all the programming - though that's gonna be hard, with so much good stuff going on. I'll also try and get some books signed this time.

Mostly, though, I'm just excited to take in the entire atmosphere and see all the happy people.

  1. Including "Gaming with Steve Jackson" sessions! The GURPS designer! and Munchkin! I HAVE TO GO. 

  2. I went with a friend. 

  3. And provide me with books to get signed at Worldcon!