Zürich GURPSified

By The Literate Programmer, Thu 01 December 2016, in category Gurps

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Zürich (2016 C.E.)

Population: 400'000 (Search +3)

Physical and Magical Environment

Terrain: Woodlands
Appearance: Average (+0)
Hygiene: +0
No Mana (No Enchantment)

Culture and Economy

Language: German
Literacy: Native
TL: 8
Wealth: Comfortable (x2)
Status: -1 to 5

Political Environment

Government: Direct Democracy, Municipality
CR: 3
Military Resources: $41.6M
Defense Bonus: +0


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is the most influential in terms of media and pop culture.
It is also economically the most important city and thanks to the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) it hosts world-class scientific research. ETH is focused on STEM fields and boasts a high standard of education and research, which it accomplishes by putting its students and professors under high pressure.
Zurich is also host to the headquarters of the biggest Swiss banks, UBS and Credit Suisse as well as major insurance companies like Swiss Re and the Zurich Insurance Group - and a strong anti-capitalist, anti-globalist subculture.
So, while the big corporations have a huge influence on the city and its population, bringing in immigrants and investors alike, not everyone is happy about that and tensions flare up every Labour day.
Apart from economical highlights, Zurich is the seat of the majority of media companies in Switzerland, producing most of Swiss TV, film and music.

Thoughts on the process

I found it a lot harder to come up with good hooks, and I realized that both cities could really use a Notables and a Campaigns section with more gameable info. At the same time, it's really hard to come up with notable people who would be interesting to an RPG group, since the notable people are often only clear in hindsight.

Alternatively, notable people are those who are easily gameable and I don't know many of those - my life is, luckily perhaps, not interesting enough.

Campaigns-wise, both cities are simply contemporary cities, which should make them possibly useful to any campaign set in the real world. I might continue to stat up cities like this whenever I'm too busy for another full-fledged post, as I think it's probably not too bad to have stats for a few more real-world locations.